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Driving in your Kia Stinger or Telluride around Winter Haven makes daily commuting a breeze, and you can keep it that way when you follow the Kia maintenance schedule closely. However, if this is your first time owning a Kia or you need a little reminder, the service center at Regal Kia has your back! We will go over the Kia recommended maintenance schedule below, so you can have a better idea of what to expect. Learn more today!

What is the Kia Maintenance Recommended Schedule?

Depending on your model, your Kia maintenance schedule might look different. You should always consult with your owner’s manual for the most accurate recommendations or contact our team if you have any trouble or questions. Here is a sample Kia service schedule below:

  • 7,500 miles: The climate control air filter will be replaced and the following will be inspected: vacuum hose, battery, brake lines, brake pads and discs, steering gear rack, drive shaft, suspension ball joints, air conditioning, and the exhaust system.
  • 15,000 miles: This mile marker has the same components replaced and inspected with the exception of the added inspection of the drive shaft and boots, vapor hose and fuel filter cap, fuel tank air filter, parking brake, and brake fluid.
  • 22,500 miles: At 22,500 miles, the same services are provided as when the vehicle reached 7,500 miles.
  • 30,000 miles: This marker is similar to the services done at 15,000 miles with the additional inspection of the cooling system, manual transmission fluid, and fuel lines, hoses, and connectors.
  • 37,500 miles: At this mileage, the services are the same as when the Kia vehicle reached 22,500 miles.
  • 45,000 miles: The services provided here are the same as those performed at 15,000 miles.

No matter at which mileage of your Kia recommended maintenance schedule, be sure to check out our specials to see how you can save on your next visit near Plant City.

Follow the Kia Service Schedule at Regal Kia

After reviewing your Kia maintenance schedule, make your appointment online for your next visit to Regal Kia. While you wait for that visit, you can also learn more about preventive maintenance, so you can ensure you’ll get the most out of your vehicle in Brandon!


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