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Find Genuine Kia Parts in Lakeland

Whether a certain part in your Kia needs to be replaced or you’re looking to accessorize your Kia in Winter Haven, you will need the right high-quality Kia parts to get the job done right. Luckily, you can get these Kia parts online easily from the comfort of your home. Just submit a form and the parts center at Regal Kia will get right on your order! Find out how to fill out an order form below and be sure to take a look at our current specials as well.

How to Order Kia Parts Online

Even if this is your first time ordering Kia OEM parts, you will find the process to be quite simple and easy to follow. Here are the steps and if you need more guidance, feel free to reach out:

  1. Enter basic contact information, so our parts center can talk to you about your order if they need to.
  2. Next, enter some information about your Kia car like the model year and trim.
  3. Now, you will want to tell us which Kia parts you are ordering. While you don’t need to know the exact part name or number, it will be best to include them if you know! If you don’t, no worries– our parts center can confirm the part with you.
  4. If you’re ordering more than one Kia OEM part, be sure to include information for each in their own section. You can click on the box for the second and third parts.
  5. Also, consider if you’re planning to do the installation yourself or if you need our service team in Lakeland to do it for you! There’s a box at the end of each parts section for that.
  6. When you’ve entered all of the information, look it over and click the “submit” button to finalize your order.

Get the Right Kia OEM Parts from Regal Kia Today!

Team up with Regal Kia and we can make sure you have the right parts in Plant City and Brandon! If you need inspiration on how to personalize your car, take a look at our Kia accessories guide. Or if you need to replace your car tires, see our guide for that! No matter what you’re trying to do with genuine Kia parts, we have all of the information for you.